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1. How can I buy a tour package in UAE? Is there variety of tour packages I can choose from? Can Sonya make a tailor made tour for me?

Ans. It is not humanly possible to cover the whole of UAE. W e have tried our best , still , if your choice is not reflected in our given list you only have to send us your specific interest and we will prepare an itinerary to suit your needs. Our travel guide section can help you a lot in preparing an itinerary to suit your special interest.

2. Why do I need an organized and guided tour?

Ans. You can do our tours on your own if you have a large quantity of time, money and are willing to spend more time and money. However, we always recommend travel in an organized way, especially when you have limited time. It is commonly said that without a guide you see half.

3. What is unique about Sonya?


We are a group of professionals both in Travel & Tourism field.

Our ten travel outlets cover all of Pakistan, therefore Sonya can provide competent on-the--ground services.

We have a team of skilled tour guides who are fully capable of handling all kinds of groups.

Sonya holds training classes for guide's education on regular basis.

Sonya is a quality oriented company with competitive rates.

Hospitality is not an exception but our rule and motto as well.

4. Is Sonya a reliable company?

Ans. Sonya is an established Travel and Tours company, recognized by the Ministry of Tourism of UAE. Sonya Travels & Tourism is a LLC (limited liable company) based in Dubai. Sonya is also an IATA approved agent and is authorized to sell air tickets of all airlines. Sonya offices are fully equipped with all the latest air ticket booking systems like Abacus, Galileo & Amadeus.

5. Do you arrange travel insurance?

Ans. The clients are advised to arrange travel insurance in their own countries prior to commencing their travel. However, the travelers travelling with Sonya Travels including transport within Dubai are insured.

6. How to settle payments?
In order to confirm your booking we ask for 10% of the total cost to be paid in advance. This will be an authorization for us to go ahead for further processing. The clients are asked to pay 100% in advance 15 days before the departure of the tour.

7. What is the cancellation policy?
As per routine practice the hotel booking can be cancelled 72 hours before check in date without cancellation fee but some hotels do not follow this common rule and claim one night as cancellation charges.

8. How can I apply for a UAE visa?
As International visa policies keep changing, therefore clients are requested to contact the nearest UAE embassy /Consulate or contact Sonya office, who will assist you to provide the latest information in this regard.




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