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 Holidays to Dubai

Despite the fact that Dubai is relatively a new tourist destination and as it is gaining more popularity in recent years, there will be no exaggeration in saying that Dubai has now become one of the fastest growing tourist destinations of the world.


Dubai is essentially a desert city with superb infrastructure, its liberal policies which are the key factors to make it characteristically distinguished from the other Arab countries of the region. Being a trade and transit hub between the East and West, there is immensely increase in holidays to Dubai in recent years and it is even growing more and more every day. Just 5 hours from Europe and 3 hours from most parts of the Middle East, the Near East, and the subcontinent of India, Dubai makes a great short break for shopping, partying, sunbathing, fine dining, sporting events, and even for few leisure & pleasures. It is a city of superlatives: for the fastest, biggest, tallest, largest and highest, Dubai is now the most popular destination. It has the largest immigrant population in the world.


No matter whether you are a trendy urban nomad, a back packer, a three piece suit traveller or traveller with old jeans and tots, you will find all your needs and expectations met in Dubai. Tiny but turbo-charged, Dubai is a highly developed tourism destination that offers everything o to a leisure traveller one can have in today’s world, especially to enjoy nearly year-round sunny skies with sandy beaches. Crime is rare thing in UAE, almost everyone speaks English, and tourists can travel within Dubai without any hassle. The UAE government has adopted liberal policy in obtaining visa for holidays to Dubai and most of them can obtain visa on arrival at entry ports. It is always good to have room reservation in hand before setting off to Dubai but generally travelling in the month of June, July and August you may go on advance planning to a minimum.


One Emirate – One Family

Dubai is full of immigrants and once you land in Dubai, you might not think that you have landed in an Arab country but you might think that you are in India, Pakistan or the Philippines. Indians were among the pioneers who played a vital role in the development of Dubai. When Dubai was in poor state before the exploration of oil, Indians supplied technology to develop Dubai. Since the founding of the oil industry, Dubai has attracted thousands of migrants from all over the world notably from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and Philippines in search of jobs. In this modern day, Indians and Filipinos have left their influence in the emirate: Indian restaurants and Pakistani bakeshops are everywhere while Filipino supermarkets are on the rise. Next to them the Europeans (mostly British and French) and Sri Lankans, form the next largest communities. Chinese and Indonesian migrants are on the rise. Many Arab countries have passed policies like the UAE's Emiratisation, which is a policy that prevents migrants from taking all the job opportunities and provides more jobs to local Emiratis. Due to high number of immigrants in UAE, there are many friends, relatives and families of Asian families residing in UAE who want to spend holidays in Dubai to see their loved ones.













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