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It may be one of the most urbanised countries in the world, but the UAE is extremely proud of its Bedouin heritage and its people who retain a strong affinity for the desert.

In the pre-oil age, life was harsh for Bedouin tribes in what were then the crucial states. Food and water were scarce and living conditions were very simple and uncomfortable, especially at the height of summer. Bedu would live in tents made from goat or camel hair, dig for water, and use falcons to hunt for birds and hares to supplement their basic diet of dates and camel milk. Those living on settlements had to pool their resources in order to survive, and a sense of community spirit imbued Bedu with the qualities of hospitality and generosity. Soon after the discovery of oil, the life style changes at all sudden, the government built modern houses, schools and hospitals for Dubai’s desert dwellers. Now, the latest and the most modern transport system is in place to cater the travel needs of worldwide visitors to Dubai. But despite the rapid growth the traditions and culture in the desert – from falconry to song and dance remain intact.

A trip to the desert is an essential part of any kind of Dubai travel. If you can get some distance from the main road, the emptiness, enormity and tranquillity of the landscape can be breathtaking, with the ochre and orange dunes rippling gently in the wind and undulating as far as the eye can see. The county’s biggest sand dune, Moreeb Hill is in the Liwa desert , on the edge of the vast expanse known as Rub al-Khali (the empty quarter), although there are plenty of quiet spots alongside the road to Hatta.

Travel to Dubai was never so easy in the past but with new immigration policies of UAE government which has made it very easy, cost-effective and faster whereas most of the western countries do not require visa to travel to Dubai and get entry at airport.

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