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 Why Sonya?

A Tour for everyone!

  • Since inventing the vision of Mass Tourism in UAE, Sonya Travels has refined the concept of low-cost travel packages. Today, we offer travelers large variety of vacation packages, to nearly every corner of UAE, at the best value.
  • From the sandy beaches of Dubai to the sky rocketing buildings like Burj Khalifa, Sonya helps travelers travel more often.
  • Sonya Travels designs the tour packages in a way that the people who want to explore UAE more and more can fulfill their dreams – a pledge to them is to make their holidays an affordable reality.
  • We at Sonya Travels try our best to translate your dreams into reality by offering tour packages on such reasonable prices so that a family can travel and see more within their allocated budget for vacation.
  • We understand that many travelers would prefer to plan a tour according to their own needs – no worry, our team of professionals is always there to help you out in creating a tailor-made tour package to suit your travel requirements.
  • Being a wholesaler, we have managed special deals with the hoteliers, that is why we are able to pass on these benefits to our clients but at the same time it does not mean that we compromise on quality.
  • Our widely spread travel network in UAE is an exclusive tool to organize and render better services for the travelers, you think to book a hotel in Dubai, Sharjah or any other cities of UAE – even the remote areas of UAE like Al-Ain, we are there.
  • Not only do we give travelers the chance to vacation anywhere in UAE more often, thanks to the value we offer, expert Tour Guides give our travelers interesting insight and stories that bring meaning to the locations they visit.
  • Sonya Travels empowers travelers to save money while building a bank of unforgettable memories.

Variety of Choices and Personalization:

  • A complete, orderly and perfectly organized system at Sonya Travels makes the travelling far easier – and more "harmonious, complete and orderly" than going it alone. And, best of all, our travelers can personalize their tour plan, thanks to well-designed itineraries that are combination of "must-see" sights with significant time to explore interests and passions on their own.
  • Our variety of tour packages offer travelers included sightseeing and choice of excursions with a blend of transportation, give freedom to a traveler to have more fun getting there.


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